Milwaukee’s Secret Spy Refuge Turns 55

Agents can begin their weeklong mission of celebrating Control’s birthday at SafeHouse Milwaukee beginning October 3

For over half of a century, SafeHouse Milwaukee has been a local landmark and cultural icon serving as the city’s secret restaurant and late-night bar that offers refuge to spies from around the globe. On October 8, 2021, Control, the mysterious entity tasked with establishing and maintaining the SafeHouse Restaurants, is celebrating its birthday and SafeHouse’s 55th anniversary. In honor of these exciting milestones, Control has initiated top-secret weeklong missions for agents who find the red door located somewhere in downtown Milwaukee.

The secret missions, which are set to begin October 3, will celebrate SafeHouse Milwaukee’s 55th anniversary and Control’s birthday for an entire week with specials every agent can enjoy. Those that reveal the exclusive weeklong code word to a SafeHouse serving accomplice will also receive daily complimentary* rations, refreshments and other spy favorites, including:

  • Sunday, October 3: Agents can start the weeklong missions with a complimentary “Aston Martin,” a fast-paced brunch concoction to speed up any morning.
  • Monday, October 4: A dangerously tasty complimentary Long Island Iced Tea Flight awaits spies at SafeHouse during this day’s mission.
  • Tuesday, October 5: To celebrate Global James Bond Day, secret agents can receive SafeHouse’s classic martini, “The Great Spytini.”
  • Wednesday, October 6: Spies entering this mission will receive a free fountain beverage voucher when they see No Time to Die at a Marcus Theatre, valid through 10/21/21.
  • Thursday, October 7: To honor the city that SafeHouse has called home for the last 55 years, spies can celebrate with complimentary fried C4 cheese curds.
  • Friday, October 8 and Saturday, October 9: With Friday the official anniversary date of SafeHouse and Control’s birthday, agents who arrive for their mission will receive complimentary SafeHouse merchandise.

*Complimentary items are available with any purchase.

Intel has it that there is no cover charge during the top-secret weeklong celebration and reservations are encouraged but not required.

As another way to celebrate being Milwaukee’s best kept secret for 55 years, SafeHouse Milwaukee is featuring a new interactive mural installation in the alley near the red door so spies can practice their poses before entering and leaving without a trace. Created by Agent Chroma (a.k.a. Fred Kaems), an award-winning Milwaukee-based multidisciplinary artist, the mural is a clue for spies to locate SafeHouse. Inside SafeHouse, agents can continue to discover the world’s largest puzzle wall and other spy works of art created by the late Agent Two Cents (a.k.a. Carl Ruppert), a local artist who created many of SafeHouse’s iconic characters and artwork.

“For generations, Safehouse has offered spies from around the world the gadgets and puzzles they need to test their skills, satisfy their hunger and quench their thirst before their next mission,” said Agent BB (a.k.a. Greg Marcus). “Disappearing chairs, spinning booths and authentic espionage artifacts make Safehouse a must-see destination with the best kept secrets. Whether you are coming back for your 55th time or passing your first clearance test, there is always something new to discover at Safehouse. Just don’t forget the password!”

Since opening in 1966, spies have traveled near and far to come to this undercover hideaway. Under the alias, International Exports Ltd., SafeHouse Milwaukee’s location is never divulged. Agents must also provide a password to enter to ensure all who visit are safe spies. However, for spies who do not know the password, a clearance test will be given to prove they are not double agents. Once inside, all can explore a world of global espionage and entertainment with timeless artifacts, movie props, weapons, gadgets, novelty machines and many of the same secrets from 55 years ago.

For more information on the latest news and updates from SafeHouse Milwaukee, and to purchase limited edition spy gear, please visit http://www.safe-house.com/.

About the SafeHouse Restaurants

SafeHouse, managed by Marcus Restaurant Group, a division of Marcus Hotels & Resorts, is a local landmark and cultural icon, attracting hungry spies from around the world. Having two covert locations in Chicago and Milwaukee, SafeHouse challenges spies with an all-encompassing experience and a one-of-a-kind mission during their visit. From the moment they locate the top-secret entrance and pass the agent authorization process, to the sleek Interpol Bar and Interrogation Room, every aspect of SafeHouse contains interactive elements, spy technology, and puzzles to seamlessly fuse an action-packed atmosphere with delicious food and signature cocktails. The Chicago location features a 21st century design led by award-winning firms, The Gettys Group and Epstein Global, while the Milwaukee location boasts 55 years of spy history, gadgetry and the world’s largest puzzle wall. Both feature an unparalleled menu with spy food to satisfy the needs of every secret agent, served in an authentic espionage experience. For more on SafeHouse Restaurants, visit www.safe-house.com.