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Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers 
Body Pride
Tee Time
Take up a lifetime sport: golf. Why? You could burn some calories, help strengthen your core, and thats just the beginning. By: Lindsey Emery

It may boost your step count…A lot. As tempting as… Read More


WITI-TV: From Mint Juleps to fancy hats: How you can celebrate the Kentucky Derby in Milwaukee

Zulf Shariff, general manager of Monarch Lounge at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center shared the exciting event happening at the hotel this weekend for the Kentucky Derby. Watch here to learn about the photo opportunities with horses and Millie, the hotel concierge, along with the Kentucky Derby-inspired drink specials.


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Features The Pfister’s Artist-in-Residence

Pfister artist Margaret Muza processes love of history through tintype photographs Taylor Davis, a valet and bellman at the Pfister Hotel, sits down in front of the camera, and Margaret Muza goes to work. Wearing goggles, gloves and a mask, Muza mixes a liquid film called collodion in a nearby walk-in closet that she’s converted to a […]


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Pfister artist Margaret Muza processes love of history through tintype photographs

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel featured the Pfister’s 2017-2018 artist-in-residence, Margaret Muza and her unique art form, tintype photography. Learn about this historic photography process that dates back to the 1860’s and watch the video on how Muza creates a work of art using sheets of metal and chemistry here.


WISN-TV: ‘Dinner From a Movie’ at Mason Street Grill

Chef Mark Weber from the Mason Street Grill was on WISN-TV to discuss the restaurant’s new renovations and the ‘dinner from a movie’ special. Watch here to see what movie favorites Mason Street Grill is serving up.


Meet Millie: The Hilton’s mini goldendoodle concierge

Have you met Millie, the “canine concierge”? This 7-month-old mini goldengoodle works alongside her owner, hotel concierge Rusy Dahler at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center. Read more about this puppy and her impact at the hotel in the feature article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel here.


Beers, brats and a Brewers BLOCK PARTY is going on this weekend, but where?

Fox 6 in Milwaukee, Wis. shared Miller Time Pub & Grill’s Brewers Block Party event to help celebrate opening weekend. Check out Cecil McGrew, general manager of Miller Time Pub & Grill and Chef Daniel Pope to learn more about this party here.


Wisconsin Meetings – Spring Edition

In The News
New Milwaukee Hotel in the Works: Milwaukee’s Historic Preservation Committee has given its approval for plans to convert the Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center into a hotel. The project will include a 14-story addition to the historic… Read More


Make it Better

Eco-Friendly Getaways Near Chicago

Looking for a place to escape within driving distance of the Chicago area? How about some family-friendly venues and destinations that support a “go green” initiative? These great getaways… Read More


Luxury Travel Magazine

Elite Vacationers Soar with these Destination Copter Rides

From New Zealand and Lake Como to the U.K. and Lanai, birds-eye view is the new bragging right in luxury travel. So move over jet set, it’s all about the copter class… Read More


Back for another year, the Lake Geneva Festival of Wine is a three-day celebration

LAKE GENEVA — Back for another year, the Lake Geneva Festival of Wineis a three-day celebration that… Read More

03.29.17 Frozen and boozy: 7 alcoholic ice cream drinks to whet your whistle shared the Monarch Lounge’s delicious floats in its article on the boozy floats and shakes you can find around Milwaukee. Check out number 5, Sprecher ginger soda with juniper berry and lime ice cream and a shot of Rehorst gin, the next time you are at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center. Read the entire […]

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